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Founded in 1929, Norrøna is a family-owned Norwegian outdoor company driven by the needs of explorers, skiers, mountaineers, and adventurers to make premium gear with nature as its lab.
Why name a merino wool performance apparel company after a goat? To us, it makes complete sense. While sheep are known to traverse mountains, the Ibex Goat is more agile. Active? If you call a goat that can climb sheer rock faces active, then yes. Whatever the weather or occasion, Ibex has you covered. Just as the Ibex goat migrates according to seasons, Ibex activewear was born for the modern migration from highrise to mountaintop – and everywhere in between.
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AKU Creates footwear for people who live, work and spend time in the outdoors. We want to share our passion with you the best way we now how; helping you get outside, explore new areas, and help you accomplish your goals, whatever they might be.

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